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Aerobic Biological Treatment Komentarze (2)
16. sierpnia 2013 11:12:00

Water contains two part of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. However, this combination is not true in case of waste water as it does not contain only hydrogen and oxygen, but there are many other substances that are dissolved in it - some are seen and some are unseen. These substances are called “IMPURITIES.”

When water is consumed by human being, these substances are added in it, and we call it waste water or sewage waste water, which is usually released in the environment. The term sewage is more commonly used to describe the waste coming out of residential and commercial complexes and waste water coming out of industrial complexes is often described as effluent.

When we talk about effluent or industrial waste water, the nature of impurities is so dangerous that the waste cannot be released in environment without treatment. This is when waste water treatment comes into picture. Over the years, due to the high amount of impurities in industrial and commercial waste water, a number of technologies have been developed to treat the water in the best possible manner. These technologies are categorized into several segments such as Physical, Chemical and Biological.

The biological treatment method is further categorized in two types i.e. aerobic biological treatment and anaerobic biological treatment. Wastewater can destroy the environment if it's disposed as domestic, municipal or commercial wastes that it needs to be treated in the sewage treatment plants and aerobic biological treatment.

The process of wastewater treatment is the removal of contaminants from the wastewater both on the residential and industrial wastes will make the solid and liquid waste safe for disposal to the surroundings or aimed for reuse.

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